Art of staying healthy

With the arrival of autumn, the weather starts to deteriorate, gets cold and it rains very often, so you can easily catch a cold. In autumn, we must be able to adapt to the changes in weather and protect our health while maintaining our vitality.

Sleep is considered vital for man, he is the greatest creator of a strong nervous system. Man can live without food for a week, but a few days without sleep will lead to great problems. During sleep, all activity in tissues slows down to maintain and restore energy, so that sleep essentially serves to restore physical strength and favors human activity the next day.

Sleep is a science that studies not only how long we should sleep, but also the fact that we should go to bed at the right time, according to the biorhythm and season, and choose the best position for sleep, while improving the quality of their sleep. A great importance to the effect of sleep on life expectancy and uses sleep to promote and maintain good health.

During the three months of autumn, it is good to stick to the good habit of going to bed early and getting up early. Even the ancients suggested that one should lie down early with cold, there is no need to lie down late in autumn and get up early, recklessly exposing oneself to the wind-cold. But it is time to get up, there should not be earlier than the rooster sings, but not later than sunrise.

It is also a good habit to take a nap in the afternoon for about 30 minutes, especially as it is important for middle-aged and elderly people, because afternoon dreams help to increase immunity, strengthen spleen and stomach, bones and muscles, prevent coronary heart disease, hypertension, gastritis and dementia, and prolong life. If you get up early in the morning, it can reduce the formation of blood clots, which helps reduce the risk of blood clots.

During dry, cold autumns, you need to keep a close eye on yourself as the wind and cold can cause cracks and wrinkles in the corners of your lips and you can also feel a dry feeling in your mouth and throat. Sometimes your hair becomes dry and stiff. In this case, it is necessary to maintain a certain temperature and humidity in the room, fresh air and excellent ventilation, you need to eat more fruit.

In autumn, attention should be paid to energy conservation rather than dispersion. You need to be very attentive to your lungs. Instead of eating spicy foods such as leek and ginger, it is recommended to eat more vegetables and juicy fruits of sour taste.

Autumn dryness also has a negative effect on saliva secretion, so you should eat soft foods of cold nature such as pear, lotus root, duck, persimmon, sesame, etc. These foods can moisturise the lungs, facilitate saliva production, nourish and eliminate dryness.

In autumn, warm weather changes to a cold, transitional season with less sunshine and temperature differences. At the end of autumn, the sky turns grey, wind and rain, the grass is swollen, leaves from trees fly around and there are faded flowers.

Along with this picture there is a mood of a certain kind of longing, sadness and melancholy. During this period, we have to maintain mental peace, reduce the negative impact, preserve vital energy to adapt to the autumn weather. It is a good time to exercise in the open air. Exercises should vary depending on the physical constitution and the season. It is not recommended to do exhausting exercises in large quantities, but it is better to do such exercises to withstand the cold.

Autumn weather is often bad for health, if there are signs of colds such as dry mouth and throat, dry cough and scrapes, it is advisable to take almonds, bulbs of grouse lily and ginseng root. Decoction of ginseng and bulbs are treated for colds, pertussis, bronchitis, cough, mild fever, it cleans from thick yellow mucus, and nourishes and moisturizes.

Clothing keeps us warm and protects us from external pathogens. The amount of clothing should change according to temperature. However, in autumn we should not wear too many clothes to allow the body and the whole body to gradually adapt to the cold weather in winter.

On the other hand, older people should always wear more than enough clothing, as their weak constitution means that they are vulnerable to external invasions such as wind, cold and damp.

It is advisable to consume large amounts of vitamins and minerals even before winter to protect themselves from minor seasonal infections and to fight fatigue, stress and moping, which tend to appear in early autumn.

A balanced diet guides your body in the right direction, try for a month to balance your meals so that your menu includes products that promote detoxification.

You can eat grapes to stimulate your kidneys and lymphatic system, don’t forget to add shallots to your menu, a sip of selenium (an antioxidant) and promotes blood circulation. Prepare an infusion of lemon in warm water and drink on an empty stomach in the morning as an antiseptic and to improve digestion.

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