Wellness and Health

Let’s try to find out what wellness is actually about. Wellness is an English language loan that has settled down in our native language for good in recent years. It particularly liked to be accompanied by the word ‘spa’ (wellness&spa), indicating, somewhat mistakenly, only a place of rest, renewal and relaxation for the body.

Even our national language dictionary defines wellness as: various types of treatments, massages, baths, sports and artistic activities and an appropriate diet to restore your well-being and fitness, also as a resort offering these treatments and activities. This interpretation seems definitely close to our intuition, but it is not complete.

Looking for a translation of the word ‘wellness’ in the most popular Internet translators and English dictionaries we will not get a result other than simply ‘health’ – health (we get a similar result when looking for synonyms of this word). It follows from the above that wellness is certainly a term related to human health.

Going a step further and trying to break down the word into first factors we notice that it consists of the prefix ‘well’, with which we intuitively have rather positive associations (as something good) – and this is definitely the right track (if wellness meant some kind of disease, there would probably be hundreds of descriptions of it). So we already have two key words that are strongly positive: good and health.

However, it should not be confused only with good health understood as the absence of disease – it is not yet a state of wellness. To achieve it, something more is needed, namely a full balance between the body, spirit and mind. Only the harmony between these three elements of human existence can ensure that a person achieves a state of wellness and full well-being. Wellness is therefore a philosophy that describes a state of perfect balance leading to the satisfaction of all human needs: physical, mental, social, economic and intellectual.

Health and beauty – the foundation of wellness

We usually start all wishes with the traditional ‘a lot of health…’, only then we list the other ‘good things’. This shows the importance of health, which we usually put first in our lives. It also translates into a state of wellness, because health is inseparably connected with satisfying two basic human needs – physical and mental, after all, it is not only the state of the body, but also the state of the spirit.

Health, on the other hand, also affects our perception of our own beauty – although beauty is a very relative concept, we can easily imagine a man of above-average beauty, who does not care about health – he may not be attractive to us at all, and vice versa: a man of average beauty, but one that is full of vitality and health, gains definitely in our eyes. The above examples only confirm the statement that health and beauty go hand in hand – and how about wellness?

To achieve it, health and beauty are essential. Here we immediately think of cosmetics and salons, where we can experience beneficial treatments for health and beauty (e.g. spas or beauty salons). In the era of information society it is not a problem to find such a place. However, today we want to show you how to achieve a state of wellness in the comfort of your own home.

Wellness in your home

Home is our oasis, a place where we spend a lot of time, rest, eat, feel most free and safe – we just live. Therefore, knowing what the wellness philosophy is, home seems to be the most suitable place to achieve your dream bliss. Wellness manifests itself in a healthy lifestyle that is influenced by proper eating, physical activity or the right amount of rest and sleep, but all this seems so obvious and described in so many studies that we want to focus on the issue of beauty, which is inseparable from our health, both physical and mental.

There is not the slightest doubt that we feel much better when we emanate the beauty of the body and have confidence in this area – it also affects the perception of us by others. We are all beautiful, it is enough to get that beauty out of us and take care of it, because beauty adds self-confidence and makes life easier – so it is worth to strive for it!

Don’t worry about time either, because natural cosmetics are composed to make up to five minutes of fun with them – they caress your body and mind, penetrating deep into your skin or hair, nourishing and nourishing them, at the same time giving you moments of blissful relaxation combined with unforgettable scent sensations – and all this in the comfort of your home, which let it become your daily spa&wellness.

Spa at home – is a series of cosmetics consisting of hand and foot lotions, scrubs and body butter and draining oils, the use of which will make you feel like a real spa.

Massage – relaxing, revitalizing, wrapping and hypoallergenic body oils for use during massages.

360 degree care

In the morning a breath of freshness in the shower and an expressively moisturised face, during the day a comfortable aromatic touch of hand lotions, in the evening the sensuality of masks, butter, lotions, oils – natural cosmetics can accompany you properly around the clock, providing full and comprehensive care of your body.

Innovative solutions combined with the best of nature give you such a wide range of organic cosmetics that you can discover something completely new virtually every day. At the same time, you can be sure that every part of your body treated with organic cosmetics will receive the right dose of concentrated natural treasures that improve not only the visual aspects, but also the systemic effects of the skin.

Face – among facial care products you will find: creams, toners, face mists, masks and cheese.

Body – for your body you will find: butter and lotions, mist, peelings, oils, bath cosmetics, hand and foot creams, lotions, firming and slimming, tanning and hypoallergenic cosmetics.

Hair – you can take care of your hair using natural: shampoos, conditioners, masks and styling cosmetics.

Men – for men, masculine cosmetics: shaving and face creams, hand and shaving lotions, shower gels and shampoos,

Mom and child – delicate: olives, shampoos, bath lotions and creams are provided for moms and their children.

Pure pleasure – for the home spa: relaxing butter and body oils (also for massage), revitalizing butter, lotions, washing gels and scrubs.

Makeup – fully natural crayons, roses, concealers, shadows and bases.