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To feel healthy and in shape, you need to lead an active and healthy life. But the reason for low activity can be the lack of green areas and sidewalks for jogging, bicycle paths and sports facilities, not to mention poor air quality.

With all the resulting problems in the body increases cholesterol levels, develops hypertension and diabetes. That’s why people’s inactivity is alarming. And now most people spend a lot of time in front of the TV or computer, eating all sorts of snacks and confectionery, and this almost always leads to overweight and obesity.

Therefore, it is first necessary to take care of a proper balanced diet, such foods as lean meat, nuts, vegetables and fruits should be on your table every day, so that the body receives with these products all the necessary vitamins and trace elements.

Eat food sources of calcium (mainly dairy products in addition to vegetables), it is enough to eat 3 dairy products a day.

It is desirable to limit the consumption of fats, especially saturated fats (sausage, cheese, fatty meat, sugar, chocolate, confectionery products), and increase the consumption of whole grains. It should be remembered that tobacco, alcohol and fatty foods are harmful to our health, and that physical activity is associated with good nutrition.

Poor nutrition, lack of physical activity, alcohol and smoking are considered to be responsible for 80% of premature deaths from coronary heart disease. It should be understood that out of 12 different types of cancer, about one third can be prevented through a healthy diet, maintenance of normal weight and minimal physical activity.

High levels of alcohol consumption cause cancer (mouth, throat, esophagus, colon, rectum, breast) and increase the risk of total mortality, including stroke.

Physical activity slows down the aging process and prevents the development of osteoporosis, which awaits one in three women after 50 years.

In general, thanks to activity people can get increased muscle strength, more freedom of movement, as the joints will be in good condition and better coordination of movements. It is also possible to normalize blood pressure, blood cholesterol levels and weight.

Regardless of age and physical condition, you should remember that running, walking or fitness has nothing to do with sports activities. They must be performed according to individual capabilities.

Walking, working in the garden, cycling, swimming, gymnastics, dancing and even housework, all these activities are very easy to implement, but in reality it is the same fitness that makes your body work and waste energy, keeping your body in good shape for many years.

If you have never practiced sports or decided to restart, be sure to consult a doctor, it is very important to check your physical condition.

Encourage yourself to see a doctor regularly, because it is better to prevent the disease than to treat it. Plus, the fact that the disease is detected early is more likely to be treated.

It is also part of a healthy lifestyle to maintain friendly relations with friends and family. Negative attitude towards people around us is harmful to our health, because the human body can respond to a negative in many ways: lack of full sleep, headache, back pain and many others.

For positive emotions, you need to be outdoors more often, relax, be in beautiful places, read your favorite books, listen to good music, meet friends, have fun and do not forget about your favorite thing.