Mobilize the body and mind

A neuroscientist who specializes in studying the relationship between body and mind. Spoke about basic rules that will help improve physical and mental well-being, with the simplest but very important tips that you can start following right now.

A good night’s sleep

Now melatonin research has again attracted many scientists. And there are already results: it is the sleep hormone that has a powerful therapeutic effect on patients infected with Cis 19. It would seem, what does melatonin have to do with it? In fact, it not only makes our body sleep, but also fights free radicals, helps recover from psychological stress. That’s why it’s so important to sleep for at least seven hours so that melatonin has time to regenerate the body and prepare us for the next day.

Unfortunately, you can’t sleep well on weekends, and then lie down late all week and stay awake. The most important thing is to keep the regime. Even if you can’t afford to sleep for 7 hours, go to bed and wake up at the same time – the result will be already. Can’t fall asleep? Light an aromatic candle, drink a glass of warm milk. The main thing: put off the phone and turn off the TV – the blue light significantly reduces the secretion of melatonin, ie, delay the onset of sleep. Try to accustom your brain to fall asleep at the same time.


It is important to remember mental health is what affects our mood. There are a number of ways to improve it. One of them is meditation. By meditating, you can enter a state of awareness. You focus on yourself and stop thinking about the world around you. All feelings are sort of averaged (no excessive joy and sadness), you enter a more stable emotional state. As a result, the brain’s resistance to external stress increases and the connection between brain and body is restored. Yoga and tai chi gymnastics, for example, also work in the same way.

You can meditate by sitting right on the bed. When the mind is calm, the body feels good and you even look better on the outside. Skin condition is a direct reflection of what happens in the mind.


Have you ever wondered what condition your lungs are in? How effectively and correctly do you breathe? Diaphragmatic breathing, when you take deep breaths and exhale through the nose, is one way to restore balance, it significantly improves body chemistry. During breathing, cortisol levels are reduced and epi levels are increased.

Proper breathing especially helps when you are experiencing chronic stress. It can affect the heart, skin, liver, kidneys, and gastrointestinal tract, but be completely intangible. Some people have flaky hands as a reaction to stress, some people have persistent abdominal pain. This means that stress, which is mental in nature, becomes a physical phenomenon. In this case, you should not run for pills, but to understand that this is just a reaction to the extensor, which shows your body.


People don’t even think about how complicated the motor of any movement is or how useful it can be. It is not necessary to spend the night in a gym, short enough, but daily walk – at least for 5 minutes. This will already have a positive effect on your life. Cardio and aerobics saturate the blood with oxygen, help the body get rid of free radicals and increase immunity. Anaerobic exercises are also great for increasing the body’s resistance, but you need to do them properly and under the supervision of a specialist.

During the exercise, BDNF protein is secreted. Thanks to this substance, the lungs absorb oxygen more effectively, the fluid balance in the body is regulated, and the resistance to various inflammations increases. In fact, by doing exercise, you regain your youthfulness.

Recreation in nature

Walking in the park near the house is enough to restore the inner balance. Try to find at least a couple of minutes a day to breathe surrounded by green plants. Phytoncides are substances secreted by plants that we breathe in. They kill pathogens and bacteria. Japanese scientists have conducted a study which has shown that even if you just breathe in air saturated with phytoncides, it will reduce the level of cortisol (stress hormone) in your blood. You must have noticed that you look better after such walks.

Nature is great not only for adults, but also for children. Notice how the behaviour of an irritated, tired child changes after a walk in the park. It’s beyond science, and it’s a fact: nature is restoring us.

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