Benefits of massage for women

Massages can be different: lymphatic drainage and acupuncture (impact on certain points), sports and therapeutic, hardware and manual. Regardless of the type, it has an invaluable benefit for the female body: at the very least, it promotes the production of endorphins – hormones of joy. Only 15 minutes in the caring hands of a specialist, and you have increased concentration, mental activity, muscles relax and improve blood circulation.

Collected 10 arguments for massage, which you just have to know.

1: Massage – prevention of internal organs diseases

Are you surprised? The position of the vertebral column also partly determines the position of internal organs. Even a small deviation can have a negative impact on the entire body. Regular massage helps prevent musculoskeletal disorders, improves blood circulation and reduces muscle tension. Doctors recommend taking a course of massage twice a year with a minimum number of procedures.

2: Helps fight neuroses

For some disorders of the nervous system, massage is prescribed in integrated therapy (I tell you this as a former medical student). According to statistics, one in five people on our planet suffers from neurosis to some extent. Most often it affects people engaged in mental work, creative work (hello, colleagues) and office workers.

The symptoms of neurosis are manifested by increased emotional excitability, sleep disturbance, anxiety, pessimism, aggressiveness and tearfulness. If you have found at least two of these, make an urgent appointment for a massage (benefit to the soul and body). With chronic fatigue syndrome, he is also, by the way, struggling.

3: Improves skin color

And not just the color! All these strokes, tingles and patting improve blood circulation and lymph flow, stimulating metabolic processes in organs and tissues. Thanks to this, the complexion improves, the skin becomes more even, swelling disappears (although it would seem that the effect on the back is related to the face).

Despite all the positive qualities, massage has contraindications: blood diseases, autoimmune diseases, any diseases in the acute stage, allergies, high body temperature, serious diseases of the cardiovascular system.

4: Helps improve the immune system

Therapeutic massage – a procedure to combat serious diseases (even lung inflammation). A 45-minute massage session increases the number of lymphocytes, which perform a protective function in the body and fight against viruses. The massage not only makes you feel better, but it also enhances immunity – a proven fact.

5: Increases oxytocin levels

Oxytocin is produced in the hypothalamus. It is called the hormone of “tenderness” and “love”. Oxytocin is especially important during pregnancy and lactation – it has a stimulating effect on target tissues: smooth uterine muscles and mammary glands, increasing the secretion of prolactin.

Hormone participates in the formation of psycho-emotional state, responsible for attachment. It is produced during tactile exposure, mental work, creativity, dance, singing, tenderness, massage (any) and, attention, hair care. So, if your husband is against monthly visits to the stylist, explain to him that they are good for health.

6: Relaxes

A resident of a metropolis is more exposed to stress than others. If you’re under constant stress, it’s only a matter of time before you get muscle clamps. If you don’t have time to visit a masseur, ask for the other half, or buy a special brush and cream with essential oils. Pay special attention to the cervical collar zone – problems most often start from there.

7: Helps remove toxins and slags from the body

We’re responsible for the elimination of toxins in our secretion system. If it works properly, the toxins won’t circulate forever. But why not help her? With better blood microcirculation, toxins and slags will say good-bye faster.

Going to the bathhouse, take a special mitten, tea and salt scrub in the steam room (unless there are problems with blood vessels and varicose veins). And even better to take a full course of massage with a specialist.

8: Helps you lose weight

Fact! But only in combination with proper nutrition and sports activities (products that prevent you from losing weight, look here). When visiting a fast food restaurant after a session, do not expect brilliant results.

To fight against excess weight and cellulite, prescribe lymphatic drainage massage. It “makes” the lymph flow more actively, preventing stagnation. Cells are more quickly saturated with oxygen, fat tissue is destroyed.

9: Improves the redox reaction

If you’ve been skipping training for a long time, and then you’re back to workout again, make sure you sign up for a massage after the first trip to the gym. This will allow you to “disperse” lactic acid in your muscles, preventing severe pain sensations (still familiar with the feeling when it is impossible to climb the stairs?).

10: Promotes renewal of the epidermis

The massage has an effect no worse than peeling, contributing to the renewal of skin cells through mechanical factors – pressure, stretching, friction and displacement. It is said that the skin also has a “biological clock”. According to this theory, the ideal time for such toning procedures is from 8 to 12 hours.

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